Handmade in New Jersey

Kingdom Cafe LLC

A taste of Jamaica in every bite! Black cake, pudding and spice bun!




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About Us

A Family that Bakes Together Stays Together

Kingdom Cafe is an e-commerce family owned Jamaican desserts company. Our cakes (black cakes, buns, totos and puddings) are handmade in small batches at a local commercial kitchen in Northern N.J. 

Handcrafted Goods

We use high quality ingredients in our delicious cakes and buns. Each one is made with love and care.   

Heritage & Legacy

Kingdom Cafe is the outgrowth of a home-based cake service that was offered by our mom Hyacinth also known as Midge. Mom has been baking cakes since childhood using recipes passed down from her grandmother and mother. To earn extra money after migrating to the United States from Jamaica, she shared her delicious cakes with family, friends and colleagues. Over the years, she has received rave reviews about her cakes and was encouraged to go into business. Having multiple jobs precluded her from pursuing the idea. Now that she is transitioning into retirement, she agreed to start an e-commerce cake business with her family.